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Examples that help to start with Zonnon.

Zonnon builder
Zonnon Builder is a simple IDE for Zonnon written in C#. It was a part of ETH Zonnon compiler and currently is moving to http://sourceforge.net/projects/zonnonbuilder/ and will be excluded from future releases of the compiler.
The source code is already available at http://zonnonbuilder.cvs.sourceforge.net/zonnonbuilder/zonnonbuilder/.
Bio engineering laboratory
BEL is a platform for developing computational programs and applications. It is similar to the Oberon packages CAT and CAPO by Alan D. Freed.
Chess notebook
A rich example on using Zonnon. The notebook allows you to replay famous parties or record your own.
Africa game
Elephant in Africa is a sample application in Zonnon language. The game demonstrates Zonnon activity construction. Each actor in the game is implemented as an active object. These objects communicate through dialogs.
Examples from courses, books aimed to help you with your first steps using Zonnon.
Questions and answers about Zonnon language and the compiler on Oberon Community Platform.

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