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Zonnon examples



DIR Examples in Zonnon for Algorithms & Data Structures book
DIR Additional
Document magicsquares.znn    Magic Squares
DIR Chapter1
Document example_1_1.znn    Power (Chapter 1, Example 1.1)
Document example_1_11_2.znn    Buffer (Chapter 1, Example 1.11.2)
Document example_1_12_2.znn    Binary search (Chapter 1, Example 1.12.2)
Document example_1_12_3.znn    Binary search in a table (Chapter 1, Example 1.12.2)
Document example_1_2.znn    KMP (Chapter 1, Example 1.2)
Document example_1_3.znn    BM (Chapter 1, Example 1.3)
Document example_1_7_0.znn    Persons (Chapter 1, Example 1.7.0)
DIR Chapter2
Document example_2_1.znn    Sorting: straight insertion (Chapter 2, Example 2.1)
Document example_2_10.znn    Sorting: QuickSort (Chapter 2, Example 2.10)
Document example_2_11.znn    Sorting: non recursive quick sort (Chapter 2, Example 2.10)
Document example_2_11b.znn    Sorting: non recursive quick sort (b) (Chapter 2, Example 2.10)
Document example_2_12.znn    Sorting: Find K (Chapter 2, Example 2.10)
Document example_2_13.znn    Sorting: StraightMerge k (Chapter 2, Example 2.13)
Document example_2_14.znn    Sorting: Natural merge (Chapter 2, Example 2.14)
Document example_2_15.znn    Sorting: Balanced merge (Chapter 2, Example 2.15)
Document example_2_16.znn    Polyphase (Chapter 2, Example 2.16)
Document example_2_17.znn    Distribute (Chapter 2, Example 2.17)
Document example_2_2.znn    Sorting: BinaryInsertion (Chapter 2, Example 2.2)
Document example_2_3.znn    Sorting: StraightSelection (Chapter 2, Example 2.3)
Document example_2_4.znn    Sorting: Bubble Sort (Chapter 2, Example 2.4)
Document example_2_5.znn    Sorting: Shaker Sort (Chapter 2, Example 2.5)
Document example_2_6.znn    Sorting: ShellSort (Chapter 2, Example 2.6)
Document example_2_8.znn    Sorting: Heap Sort (Chapter 2, Example 2.8)
Document example_2_9.znn    Sorting (Chapter 2, Example 2.9)
DIR Chapter3
Document example_3_1.znn    Hilbert
Document example_3_2.znn    Serpinski
Document example_3_3.znn    KnightsTour (Chapter 3, Example 3.3)
Document example_3_4.znn    Queens (Chapter 3, Example 3.4)
Document example_3_5.znn    Queens (Chapter 3, Example 3.4)
Document example_3_6.znn    Marriage (Chapter 3, Example 3.4)
Document example_3_7.znn    Selection (Chapter 3, Example 3.7)
DIR Chapter4
Document example_4_1.znn    List (Chapter 4, Example 4.1)
Document example_4_2.znn    TopSort (Chapter 4, Example 4.2)
Document example_4_3.znn    BuildTree (Chapter 4, Example 4.3)
Document example_4_4.znn    TreeSearch (Chapter 4, Example 4.4)
Document example_4_5.znn    CrossRef (Chapter 4, Example 4.5)
Document example_4_5_2.znn    AVL (Chapter 4, Example 4.5.2)
Document example_4_6.znn    OptTree (Chapter 4, Example 4.6)
Document example_4_7.znn    B Tree (Chapter 4, Example 4.7)
DIR Chapter5
Document example_5_1.znn    XRef (Chapter 5, Example 5.1)
DIR Examples on using concurrency in Zonnon (activities, protocols, barriers)
Document cycle_buffer_example.znn    Cycle buffer example (using protected objects)
Document dining_philosophers.znn    The Dining Philosophers problem (classic solution)
Document parallel_tree_walk.znn    Parallel tree walk (demonstration of an activities tree)
Document pqsort.znn    Quck and Parallel Quick Sort using ThreadPool
Document protocol.znn    Simple example on using protocols (Santa)
Document readers_and_wrters.znn    The Readers - Writers paradigma in Zonnon is a basic feature
Document sleeping_barber.znn    The Sleeping Barber (classic solution)
DIR Zonnon Samples for Prof. Gutknecht lectures
DIR Sample03_Zonnon
Document Rain.znn    Rain
DIR Sample04_Zonnon
Document Library_r2x.znn    Library_r2x
Document Limit.znn    Limit
Document Median.znn    Zonnon Lsung zur Aufgabe1, Serie 4, Informatik 1, WS 02/03
DIR Sample05_Zonnon
Document Decoder.znn    Decoder
Document Merge.znn    Sorts array from start to end-1 using merge sort.
Document Scanner.znn    Scanner
Document Sherlock_r2x.znn    Sherlock_r2x
DIR Sample06_Zonnon
DIR ml06_2
DIR source
Document Turtle.znn    Turtle
Document XYDrawing.znn    XYDrawing
Document Hilbert.znn    Hilbert
Document ml06_1.znn    Permutation
Document ml06_3.znn    Prisoner
Document ml06_4.znn    Springer: Very simple solution to solve the problem on a 6x6 sized board.
DIR Sample07_Zonnon
Document ml071.znn    MST
Document ml072.znn    Metro
DIR Sample08_Zonnon
Document ml08_1.znn    Store
Document ml08_2.znn    LeaderElection
DIR Sample09_Zonnon
Document ml09_1a.znn    ClientServerA
Document ml09_1b.znn    ClientServerB
DIR Sample10_Zonnon
Document ml10.znn    EXAMPLE SOLUTIon for EXERCisE 10. Informatik 1, WS 02/03
DIR Sample11_Zonnon
DIR source
Document SimpleGraphics.znn    SimpleGraphics
Document TextParser.znn    Modul zum Parsen von Textfiles, angelehnt an das Texts.Scanner-Konstrukt aus native Oberon.
Document XYDrawing.znn    XYDrawing
Document HowToUseSimpleGraphics.znn    Test Simple Graphics
Document HowToUseTextParser.znn    Test Text Parser
Document RandomHeight.znn    RandomHeight (* info I, serie 10, 26.1.03, rm *)
Document ml11_2.znn    Graphic Language
DIR Sample12_Zonnon
Document DAG.znn    DAG
Document Folding.znn    Folding
DIR Examples on mathematical extensions of Zonnon
DIR BiConjugateGradMethod
Document BiConjugateGradMethod.znn    Solving a system of linear equations Ax = b.
Document main.znn    Main module for BiConjugateGradMethod.znn
DIR Filters
Document filter.znn    Graphic filters
Document winmain.znn    Main module for filter.znn
DIR LorenzAttractor
Document Dynamics3D.znn    Part of Lorenz attractor example: module Dynamics3D
Document Graph3D.znn    Part of Lorenz attractor example: module Graph3D
Document Lorenz3D.znn    Part of Lorenz attractor example: module Lorenz3D
Document Main.znn    Lorenz attractor simulation (using RK4 method).
Document XYDrawing.znn    Part of Lorenz attractor example: module XYDrawing
DIR SaddlePoint
Document main.znn    Search of a value of a game and its saddle points
DIR Strassen
Document Strassen.znn    Strassen algorithm
DIR Zonnon examples form the introduction for new Zonnon programmers
Document Example_1.znn    enter X, enter Y, write x+y+2
Document Example_2.znn    write enumeration as integer
Document case.znn    Case structure, Input symbol.
Document character.znn    Character constant
Document darray.znn    Example on using dynamic arrays
Document ex610a.znn    Arrays as function argument
Document for.znn    example on div, mod
Document function_funct.znn    example on functions, maximum of a and b
Document if.znn    Example on using if clause
Document integer.znn    min() and max() values
Document loop.znn    Using for cycle
Document module.znn    Import one module from another
Document procedure.znn    Magic Squares
Document puzzle.znn    Puzzle
Document reference.znn    Example on defference between {value} and {ref}
Document repeat.znn    Example on using repeat
Document sqrt.znn    Using FCL function double Sqrt( double )
Document stack.znn    Stack
Document time.znn    Using system time from Zonnon


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