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Bio engineering laboratory

by Alan D. Freed.

BEL is a suite of libraries for the .NET/mono platforms written in Zonnon, and is released under the GNU General Public License (http://www.gnu.org/licences/) found in the GPL directory of this distribution. It is available as an ASCII file, or can be viewed in HTML, DocBook or TexInfo.

BEL is a platform for developing computational programs and applications. It is similar to the Oberon packages CAT and CAPO that the author wrote. The idea is to have single numeric types for numbers, arrays, and matrices. All operators are overloaded so that they can interface with the numerous .NET core types. I have used this package as the basis for developing my own programs, and it works quite well. I've been ferretting out bugs over time. I am sure there are still bugs in this code, and if you run across one I would appreciate hearing from you. Contributions that are in the spirit of both Zonnon and BEL are welcomed and, if you choose and I agree, can be included in future releases.

The types for numbers, arrays, and matrices hide their data. This was done on purpose so that the internal workings of anyone of these can be changed as the software evolves without affecting the user interface and applications that depend on it. Right now the raw type for a number is a System.Double. In the future I would like to make this a complex number, but that will have to wait until I have some more time to dedicate to that activity.

If you find this suite useful, the author would like to hear form you. Thanks.



Prof. Alan D. Freed
Clifford H. Spicer Chair in Engineering
Saginaw Valley State University
202 Pioneer Hall, 7400 Bay Road
University Center, MI 48710 Tel: 1-989-964-2288 Fax: 1-989-964-2717

Archive versions

  • bel1.0.zip bel1.0.tar.gz version 1.0 of 24 August, 2008. The supplied .exe and .dll files were compiled with the mono compiler: Zonnon Compiler version 1.0.89.

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