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Zonnon programming language

Zonnon is a new programming language in the Pascal, Modula-2 and Oberon family. It retains an emphasis on simplicity, clear syntax and separation of concerns. Although more compact than languages such as C#, Java and Ada, it is a general-purpose language suited to a wide range of applications. Typically this includes component-oriented composition, concurrent systems, algorithms and data structures, object-oriented and structured programming, graphics, mathematical programming and low-level systems programming. Zonnon provides a rich object model with encapsulated behavior and syntax controlled dialogs which encapsulate state. It may be used to write programs in procedural, object-oriented and concurrent styles. Zonnon is also well suited for teaching purposes, from basic principles right through to advanced concepts.

Language report, books and courses
Language report is the main document that specifies it. Test suite for the compiler is also written based on language report. Some Universities are already using Zonnon for teaching. They're adopting their courses and write materials for students.

Zonnon compiler

The first Zonnon implementation (ETH Zonnon compiler) is for .NET platform and is based on CCI framework. The compiler supports integration into Microsoft Visual Studio. Also it has alternative simple IDE called Zonnon Builder.

Compiler and tools
Zonnon Compiler as a command line compiler, MS Visual Studio plugin, Eclipse plugin. User guide for Zonnon compiler and Zonnon Builder.

Test suite
Collection of examples for testing the compiler. Test report for the latest release.

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