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ETH Zonnon compiler

If you have a previous version of the compiler installed then uninstall it before installing the new version. Download zip-archive, unzip it to any directory, and then run Setup.exe to install the Zonnon compiler.

Latest version: 1.3.0 from 9.11.2012.

Important recent updates

  • Since release 1.3.0 Zonnon compielr uses OpenCL to speedup mathematical extensions of the Zonnon language.
  • Usage of the import clause has been clarified. Read a note on composition for more details about the import clause.
  • Since release 1.2.2 compiler includedes a support for mathematical extensions similar to those in Math Oberon. Please take a look at a new draft of the language report.


Known limitations of this release

  • Windows installer may cause displaying an exception window in MS Visual Studio. Simply remove the box "restart" and close the window.
  • Enumeration types can't be declared in definitions.
  • Integer division for negative numbers implemented as it is in C#/C++, but not as it is defined in the language report.
  • Nested procedures are not supported.
  • Activities can not be declared in value objects (records).


  • Updated highlighting for jEdit contributed by Alan Freed: zonnon.xml.


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