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2012-03-22:Source Code for Command Line Zonnon Compiler 1.3.0 (without Visual Studio integration) is made available on CodePlex.
2012-11-09:Zonnon Compiler 1.3.0 is available. It supports offloading computations with mathematical arrays to OpenCL. >>>
2010-08-07:Zonnon Compiler 1.2.8 - an issue with dlls on Mono is fixed now and the usage of import clause has been clarified. Read a note on composition for more details about the import clause. >>>
2010-05-29:Zonnon Compiler 1.2.7 - couple of issues fixed. Fixed concurrency >>>
2010-01-18:Zonnon Compiler 1.2.6 - issues with Zonnon Builder and constants in DLLs were fixed >>>
2010-01-17:BEL library update: version 1.2.1 is published >>>
2009-11-20:Zonnon Compiler 1.2.5 - few problems known in 1.2.4 including Windows installer issue were fixed >>>
2009-11-05:Zonnon Compiler 1.2.4 - few minor problems known in 1.2.3 were fixed >>>
2009-10-04:Zonnon Compiler 1.2.3 - known problems on Mono have been fixed (see test suite) >>>
2009-06-28:Zonnon Compiler 1.2.2 with support of mathematical extensions >>>
2009-06-28:Draft of the Zonnon Language report with mathematical extensions >>>
2009-07-21:Examples on how to use mathematical extenstions of Zonnon added >>>
2009-06-16:Zonnon Compiler 1.1.11 for Mono and Visual Studio 2008 >>>
2009-03-10:Zonnon Compiler 1.1.10 for Mono and Visual Studio 2008 >>>
2009-01-30:Zonnon Compiler 1.1.9 for Mono and Visual Studio 2008 >>>
2009-01-22:Zonnon Compiler 1.1.8 for Mono released (experimental) >>>
2009-01-10:Poster about Zonnon project's future directions is published on the groups website >>>
2008-10-26:Zonnon Compiler 1.1.8 released (experimental for Visual Studio 2008 only) >>>
2008-09-03:Bio engineering laboratory by Alan D. Freed is available on Zonnon website >>>
2008-09-03:Next release of the compiler is delayed due to problems with Visual Studio plugin >>>
2008-06-02:Zonnon Compiler 1.0.89 released (fixed overloading of external procedures) >>>
2008-05-12:Zonnon Compiler 1.0.86 - hot fix for for one missed case in 1.0.85 >>>
2008-05-11:Zonnon Compiler 1.0.85 - an important update solving some casting and overloading problems >>>
2008-05-05:Zonnon Compiler 1.0.84 for mono with a fix for operator overloading >>>
2008-05-02:Zonnon Compiler 1.0.83 - an important update for Visual Studio plugin (compiler as in 1.0.79) >>>
2008-04-30:Zonnon Compiler 1.0.79 released >>>
2008-04-23:An important note related to release 1.0.78 published in Zonnon group >>>
2008-04-23:Africa and Chess examples have been updated >>>
2008-04-23:Zonnon Compiler 1.0.78 released >>>
2008-04-18:Compiler 1.0.78 delayed for 3 more days. Test suite corresponds to unpublished 1.0.78 >>>
2008-04-10:New topics for possible student projects (diplom/master) announced >>>
2008-03-24:Zonnon Compiler 1.0.77 released >>>
2008-04-02:Examples for Algorithms and Data Structures book updated and tested >>>
2008-04-01:Zonnon Compiler 1.0.76 fixes a problem with initalization for arrays of structures >>>
2008-03-27:Zonnon Compiler 1.0.75 fixes a problem with project properties panel in Visual Studio which appeared in 1.0.73 and 1.0.74. No changes in Mono release >>>
2008-03-24:Source code for Zonnon Builder is awailable on sourceforge >>>
2008-03-24:Zonnon Compiler 1.0.74 released >>>
2008-03-24:Africa example updated with a project file for Zonnon Builder >>>
2008-03-23:Zonnon Compiler 1.0.73 released >>>
2008-03-23:FAQ moved to http://groups.google.com/group/Zonnon >>>
2008-03-23:Zonnon Builder is moving to http://sourceforge.net/projects/zonnonbuilder/ and will be excluded from future releases of the compiler >>>
2008-03-22:Zonnon Compiler 1.0.72 released >>>
2008-03-22:Test suite was updated: new tests and results correspond to 1.0.72 compiler >>>
2008-03-22:Chess and Africa examples were updated >>>
2008-03-06:Updated Test Suite with information about current compiler release was published >>>
2008-03-04:Zonnon Compiler 1.0.71 Windows version released >>>
2008-02-21:Zonnon Compiler 1.0.71 Windows version release delayed >>>
2008-02-17:Zonnon Compiler 1.0.71 passed whole test suite. Linux version online >>>
2007-10-07:Zonnon Compiler for Mono was added >>>
2007-10-07:Zonnon Compiler for MS VS was added >>>
2007-10-07:Due to technical reasons webpage about ZonnonML removed.
2007-08-16:Zonnon Compiler for Mono was added >>>
2007-08-16:Zonnon Compiler for MS VS was added >>>
2007-07-05:Zonnon Compiler for Mono was added >>>
2007-04-18:Zonnon Compiler for Mono was added >>>
2007-03-08:Zonnon Compiler for MS VS was added >>>
2007-02-28:Zonnon Compiler for Mono was added >>>
2007-02-28:Zonnon Compiler for MS VS was added >>>
2006-12-17:Zonnon plugin for Eclipse was added >>>
2006-11-30:Zonnon Compiler (build 10053) for Mono/Rotor was added >>>
2006-11-23:The list of open student projects was updated. A verification project >>>
2006-11-13:Update for Zonnon Compiler (build 10052) was added >>>
2006-09-03:The list of open student projects was updated >>>
2006-08-28:Update for Zonnon Compiler (build 10051) was added >>>
2006-08-20:Project of the "Zonnon Chess" sample for MS VS 2005 was added >>>
2006-08-20:Project of the game "Elephant in Africa" for MS VS 2005 was added >>>
2006-08-20:Update for Zonnon Compiler with integration to MS VS 2005 was added >>>
2006-07-25:Zonnon Compiler with integration to MS VS 2005 and XML report was added >>>
2006-07-25:Preliminary information about the XML representation for Zonnon was added >>>
2006-03-07:Zonnon Compiler with integration to MS VS 2003 was added >>>
2006-04-01:A game "Elephant in Africa" became available >>>
2006-03-07:Zonnon Compiler (build 10047) was added >>>
2006-01-14:Zonnon Language Report updated >>>
2006-01-05:New Zonnon Language Report now available. >>>
2005-12-02:Zonnon Compiler (build 10045) was added >>>
2005-10-25:Zonnon Compiler (build 10044) was added >>>
2005-07-11:Zonnon Compiler (build 10043) was added >>>
2005-05-30:Zonnon Compiler (build 10042) was added >>>
2005-04-06:Zonnon Compiler (build 10041) was added >>>
2005-03-21:Zonnon Compiler (build 10040a) was added >>>
2005-02-03:Zonnon Compiler (build 10040) was added >>>
2005-01-24:Zonnon Compiler (build 10039) was added >>>
2005-01-18:Zonnon Compiler with Zonnon Builder (build 10038) was added >>>
2004-12-24:Version 1.1.1 of Zonnon Chess Notebook was added >>>
2004-12-24:Zonnon Compiler (build 10037) was added >>>
2004-12-23:New version of Zonnon Chess Notebook was added >>>
2004-12-14:The list of the Zonnon unimplemented features was updated >>>
2004-12-14:Zonnon Command Line Compiler User Guide was updated >>>
2004-12-14:Zonnon Compiler (build 10036) was added >>>
2004-11-30:Zonnon Compiler (build 10035) was added >>>
2004-11-26:The new publication on the site: The Concepts of Zonnon >>>
2004-11-23:Zonnon Compiler (build 10034) was added >>>
2004-11-19:Executabe files of ZonnonChessNotebook program was added >>>
2004-11-19:The new version of Test Suite was added >>>
2004-11-18:Zonnon Compiler (build 10033) was added >>>
2004-11-08:Zonnon Compiler (build 10032) was added >>>
2004-11-02:Zonnon Compiler (build 10031) was added >>>
2004-11-01:New version of Zonnon Report was added (1 November version) >>>
2004-11-01:Unimplemented features for Zonnon Compiler >>>
2004-11-01:Zonnon Compiler User Guide was added >>>
2004-11-01:Sources of ZonnonChessNotebook program in colored HTML format were added >>>
2004-10-22:Test Suite was updated >>>
2004-09-07:Zonnon exercises are presented on the site now >>>
2004-09-07:New version of Zonnon Report was added >>>
2004-07-09:Test Suite was updated >>>
2003-10-15:Test Suite was updated >>>
2003-09-10:Zonnon Report (10 September version), Test Suite was updated >>>
2003-09-01:The new Zonnon Project location is www.zonnon.ethz.ch >>>
2003-08-27:Zonnon Report (Draft 2, 27 August version), JMLC 2003 slides added >>>
2003-08-27:Test Suite was updated >>>
2003-08-22:Zonnon Report (Draft 2), Zonnon Syntax and slides were added >>>
2003-08-21:Zonnon Test Suite files were added >>>
2003-01-20:Some papers representing the highlights of the Zonnon language were added >>>
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