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Zonnon programming language

Zonnon is a general-purpose programming language in the Pascal, Modula-2 and Oberon family. It retains an emphasis on simplicity, clear syntax and separation of concerns whilst focusing on concurrency and ease of composition and expression. Unification of abstractions is at the heart of its design and this is reflected in its conceptual model based on modules, objects, definitions and implementations. Zonnon offers a new computing model based on active objects with their interaction defined by syntax controlled dialogs. It also introduces new features including operator overloading and exception handling, and is specifically designed to be platform independent.

ETH Zonnon compiler

for .NET Framework
  • Supports MS Visual Studio 2008 Standard / Professional edition
  • Includes a simple IDE if no MS Visual Studio 2008 available
  • Includes a command line compiler for advanced users
  • Runs on and targets .NET Framework 2.0
for Mono/Rotor
  • Includes a plugin for Eclipse 3.2.1 or higher
  • Runs on and the generates code compatible with Mono
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How to start


Source Code for Command Line Zonnon Compiler 1.3.0 (without Visual Studio integration) is made available on CodePlex.

Zonnon Compiler 1.3.0 is available. It supports offloading computations with mathematical arrays to OpenCL.

Zonnon Compiler 1.2.8 - an issue with dlls on Mono is fixed now and the usage of import clause has been clarified. Read a note on composition for more details about the import clause.

Zonnon Compiler 1.2.7 - couple of issues fixed. Fixed concurrency

Zonnon Compiler 1.2.6 - issues with Zonnon Builder and constants in DLLs were fixed

BEL library update: version 1.2.1 is published

Zonnon Compiler 1.2.5 - few problems known in 1.2.4 including Windows installer issue were fixed

Zonnon Compiler 1.2.4 - few minor problems known in 1.2.3 were fixed

Zonnon Compiler 1.2.3 - known problems on Mono have been fixed (see test suite)

Zonnon Compiler 1.2.2 with support of mathematical extensions

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